1. Introduction
2. Basic rules
3. Moving Around
4. Lightsaber Styles and Moves
5. The Force

1. Introduction

-This guide was designed for Lightsaber and Force usage in multiplayer mode. It sure can be helpful for single player gaming but will not give you all the in-depth knowledge to finish up the Game. Almost everybody will develop their own fighting style, and this guide will help you get there. So what is so special about Multiplayer? Well, once you saber somebody to their death, or throw a challenger with force grip in to the abyss, you will realize what it is all about. Well OK, I'll tell you, it's all about "FUN" ... pure saber cutting, over cliff pushing, duel fighting, saber locking, enemy killing fun!! How about that, huh? So read on, and you'll learn how to become something more then just a Padawan :)

2. Basic Rules

-The game does not have any hard coded rules that everyone has to fallow, accept to what the Q3 engine allows you to do. But we're talking about the LAW here, the rules of engagement so to speak (good movie btw.) Most of these rules are based on common sense, and the whole purpose of'em is to allow everyone to have fun, trying to stop certain lamers from ruining the game play for everyone else.

-The first one and probably the most important/annoying one is saber drawing. If a person has their saber down, do NOT attack them. [unless they hold a gun, duh ] They might by trying to configure something or talk to somebody else, that's giving that you don't see the blue disk above their heads. (if a person is in a menu setting their controls or something, they will have a funny disk hovering above their heads indicating just that) but if you don't see that disk,
possibly they're just observing trying to learn a thing of few from other players. But do not abuse that privilege!! don't be that guy who waits till an opponent turns his back, and then take the heavy saber out and saber them to death... that's just wrong. Let's be man about this, and if you do that, well, grow some bowlz bi-a-tch. Most people are cool about that, and do not do that, so carry on...

-The second most important aspect of multiplayer gaming in Jedi Knight is dueling. That's right! If you are challenged to a duel fight, be man enough to take it. There are reasons not to accept it like you are in the middle of something or you're just really scared. If you see a couple of brave souls dueling (indicated by a blanket of lightning around them) don't try to jump in the middle of the fight and pull a quick on them, or try to blow them away with the rocket launcher. While the fight is going on, they can not be damaged by outside power, only they themselves can inflict damage upon themselves. So if you jump in there and try to be the hero of the day, it only becomes visually pathetic and really annoying! Another thing, if you are dueling and your about to lose, don't run away like a little A$$, stay there and finish the fight like an true Jedi. That's all when it comes to dueling, but also bear in mind that dueling is probably the greatest tool in learning how to become good with the lightsaber. If you die or win, don't be afraid to ask questions or share knowledge with the other player. Most the time people will be more then happy to help you learn a thing or few.

-Have fun! Unless you are a psycho like me and like to destroy and kill things ;) But for whatever reason you play, make sure you are courteous to other players and they will be courteous to you too. It is a win-win situation, even trough you might be the one who died while trying to be a victorious hero.