Welcome to the Lightsaber Gaming World!

- Everybody in some part or another is familiar with the world of Star Wars. LucasArts has struck an unlivable creation that has become widely known throughout the world as a classic future space adventure. It is not a tale of a hero or an legend but instead a galactic struggle between good and evil as the light side fights against the dark side in an never ending battle. It is an imaginary concept of the future that for many individuals can at times become real and allow them to embark on to the world of Star Wars. Becoming a Jedi Master is an idea that I'm sure crossed everyone's mind, and it helps us to satisfy the longing of becoming a hero. LucasArts does a great job of bringing that imaginary world to us and hopefully will keep in doing so. Luckily that is happening not only as movies nowadays but also as books, comics, toys, and video games. Yes, games. The gaming industry is a huge market and LucasArts is surly grabbing a chunk of it. This is what brings us to Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy, games that has shaken the world of the Lightsaber.
- It all started in 1995 with the release of Dark Forces, then Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2, and ultimately Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast, the game we came to play and love so much today. Based on the Quake3 engine, the game delivers beautiful graphics and player interface that only a few games can match. The game possesses a great combination of a shooter like play and a totally unique style of fighting with the Lightsaber. (Check out the Lightsber tactical Guide) That is what allows you to become a Jedi of which we so much dreamed of becoming, and that includes the full ability to use the force as you please. No Kidding. Better run and get the game now, if you already haven't, and use the force Luke, I said use it. Well anyway, the game features a nicely designed singleplayer campaign that slowly draws you in to adventures of Kyle and his chick Jane. While the game may appear kind of uninteresting in the beginning it does transform in to a addictive slug of drugs that can not be left alone. Take my word for it, or don't take it and play it yourself. While the singleplayer mode is interesting to experience it is not the aspect that keeps, and will continue to keep, the game at high orbit within gamers. The credit has to be given to the multiplayer portion. Its wrath of fun and the superior power of the saber has transformed this game in to a way of life. That's what multiplayer gaming is all about: living for the joy of competition and victory, to be rewarded by the death of your opponent, and to spare another chance to the defeated souls.
-Although there are many stand-alone individuals that play JK, the real skills are acquired while being a member in an online Clan. There are many communities of Jedi Clans throughout the world, and they still growing. But it has to be the right Clan, a place where you will be able to spread your wings and learn to be the best. Everyday more members divert from a Padawans to the Jedi Masters, the ultimate Jedi fighter. It is only time and personal motivation that will ultimately keep you or allow you to become the best. Yes, that's right...
- So where does Linux fall in to this? Pretty much anywhere you'd want it to. Linux is only limited to the abilities its user, unlike M$ Windowz to the abilities of Bill Gates. Linux has no built in boundries to keep you from reaching your goals, and that is why we can play a 100% Windows game on a 100% Linux system. Jedi Knight is one of the many games that performs astonishingly great running on a non-Windows basted system, which system you ask? you got it: Linux. But the credit has to be given to the individuals that allowed this to happen, the Wine project team. All this in junction gave birth to one of the first Linux Gaming Clans: the 'Linux Jedi Clan'
- Here we are, proud of what we're doing and proud of what we accomplished. We love to play JK and we're good at it. But that is not the only reason that spawned our existence, we're here to spread the joy as well. In other words, we want anybody to be able to play JK on Linux. That is why we created a series of Guides to help you accomplish exactly that by fallowing simple instructions. ( Installling Linux, Installing Wine/Wine, Lightsaber Tactical Guide ) So now you have the chance as well as any other Linux user to be able to run JK on Linux and see what all the fuss is about.