<> April 06, 2013 - The source code to Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy have been released by Raven/Activision/LucasArts under the GNU GPLv2 license. Only took 10 years... but we win!

<> January 01, 2010 - Happy new year to all you mofos

<> May 03, 2008 - Ummm... nothing special going on. Deal with it!

<> October 31, 2007 - Happy Halloween! I hope everyone is playing World Of Warcraft, salying the Headless Horseman down in SM... be but do not forget about JK. Drop by some time and revisit the force of the saber. Anyhow, Peace to ya all.

<> February 12, 2007 - I think it is about time for an update, eventhou there is not much to update actually. Saber, Sal, and myself been spending alot of time wondering around the world.... (of warcraft)... but we have to gather up the crew and hit up some jk2 sometime. Ping us on your status. Peace.

<> December 25, 2006 - Mary Christmas to everyone. We hope everyone has plenty of fun and good food.

<> September 13, 2006 - I realized that LJC's Birthday just passed in Augusut, we're 4 years old now. Woohoo! Maybe even little longer.

<> July 04, 2006 - Happy independence day to all who celebrate it.

<> February 04, 2006 - Thanks to everyone who participated in today's LJC gathering. It was fun, and we'll have another event happen soon. Screenshots have been posted in the shots section.

<> February 01, 2006 - New clan meeting has been scheduled. Check the events section for more details.

<> January 28, 2006 - There will be a LJC gathering very soon, stay posted as I check on a good date for the meeting with all the members.

<> December 24, 2005 - Merry X-mas to everone from LJC.

<> December 11, 2005 - Nothing new to report other then the recent LAN party in Los Angeles, CA was a blast. Thanks to everyone who participated. It was some crazy shit, lots of alcohol and.. well.. everything else that happened during those two weeks.

<> November 02, 2005 - LJC Lan Party is coming Mid-November, please post something on our forum if you're interested to attend. Only LJC members and LJC "friends" are invitied. C ya there!

<> October 31, 2005 - Well, scary Halloween to everyone... drink alot of beer, steal candy from kids, and go on a midnight rampage destroying mailboxes or whatever else... wait, everyone does that, right? not just me...

<> September 19, 2005 - Not much has been happening recently. Sal went crazy the other day and destroyed things as they came. Saberboy been installing Gentoo for the past 3 weeks. Law has been pimping ho's in Spain and living the good life. Brando is MIA at this time, or maybe just got a taste of what the "working" world is like. Naruto is cheating on us with a CSS clan. Xtasy, is, umm... doing things with his life I assume. Me, well, glad to have lived another day.

<> August 10, 2005 - Happy Birthday to our clan. We are officially 3 years old.... yes, it was 3 years ago when we started playing JK2A. We are actually about a month older then August 10th, but no one remembers... so, this is our official B-Day... so happy B-Day Linux Jedi Clan! Live on!

<> August 08, 2005 - We have a new JKA server up and running on BWN IP: ..have fun.

<> July 30, 2005 - After having some pizza and pepsi, something hit me... something cold yet warm at the same time!!! ...so I just started playing with the LJC website and did some major updates... much needed updates! First of all, I cleaned up alot of the code that was very nasty and ported the whole site to php + MySQL, instead of just plain html as before. Not to eat all the news page space, I posted all my doings on our forum via this link.

<> June 27, 2005 - What's up? ...who is playing what nowadays? There might be a Jedi Academy Duel tournament coming up from Bladeworks.net ...if so, LJC is on the list to administer it. Will keep you posted.

<> April 04, 2005 - Interesting news in a nutshell, New Gentoo version is out, new Nvidia drivers are out, man walked on mars.. well, all true besides the last one!

<> April 03, 2005 - Ah... no recent news because the news updater did not work... so doing things manually. So does anyone got game? let me know and we can hit up the servers sometime! Oh, and Milan, dont hate!

<> March 15, 2005 - Not much gameplay but we are still around... feel free to him me up on gaim if anyone wants to shoot the crapper.

<> January 12, 2005 - I hope everyone had a great new year. On a seperate note, we added blademod to our JK2 server, lots of fun with it. It is possible we might be able to put stats on it soon as well, depending how soon bladeworks will release the jk2 stats again. As far as everything else, let the games roll.. see ya on the servers!

<> December 31, 2004 - I wish you fine folks a very happy new year. Special thanks to macie for keeping it real and going forward with it. LJC forever!

<> December 27, 2004 - Merry Christmas! We hope the best and nothing but the best to everyone during this holiday season. May all your wantings come true.

<> November 17, 2004 - Gentoo 2003.3 is out, also new nvidia drivers - be sure to check it out. Also, been wondering what happened to Slack, anyone knows?

<> October 28, 2004 - Site was down for about a day or so because our domain dns were being updated, however, the update is now complete.

<> September 23, 2004 - Not much news to report... but the games go on! Have fun.

<> August 19, 2004 - Nothing special to report, other than new winex is out (2nd release of Cedega)... new nvidia linux drivers.. and as far as everything else: the games go on!

<> July 27, 2004 - Gentoo 2004.2 is out with some general fixes. Nvidia released new Linux drivers, worthy checking out. Also, new winex version is out called Cedega which includes some new game support and performance improvements. Also, Doom3 is due to be released between Aug 3 to 7th, looking very much forward to that... there will be a Linux port for it. Last, RTCW:2 is in production based on the Doom3 engine and there will be a Linux version as well.

<> May 30, 2004 - We will be updating our domain registrar shortly. Sometime during the next few days the site might be not available for 12 to 24 hours while the DNS take time to update.

<> May 02, 2004 - I have finally setup our email server. This means that our LinuxFusion.net emails are back and most importantly - here to stay! Everyone will be individually contacted with their new email information.

<> April 30, 2004 - We have a new server located on the east coast. The server IP is: ...enjoy.

<> April 21, 2004 - Updated our ranks page. Also more updates in the members section.

<> April 19, 2004 - Our members section received some updates... including the recent Chicago trip profile. Also, there are now links to the members and admins pages available via the right lower corner of this site.

<> April 18, 2004 - Congratulations to [LJC]Naruto. Starting today he is officially part of our clan. Once again, congrats and we're happy to have ya.

<> April 05, 2004 - We have a new member trying our for clan membership. Starting today [LJC]Naruto is on his 2 week probation period. Good Luck.

<> March 13, 2004 - [LJC] has successfully won a recent clan war against the [JKT] clan (The Jedi Knights Templar) with the score of 20 to 13 ...very good and close fights from both sides. [JKT] is a very organized and respectful clan with alot of skilled duelists. We look forward to any future events with them. War Stats are avail here.

<> January 25, 2004 - The [LJC] website is moving to a new server. During that time, FTP access will be disabled and you might experiace short downtime. The full transfer should be completed within the next 3 days.

<> December 19, 2003 - About time for an update... seems there has not been much going on but that's about to change very soon. We're organizing a clan vs clan competition on BWN as well as some seperate wars with willing clans. Also, we have some member tryouts this weekend. Good Luck.

<> November 06, 2003 - RedMaster has left the clan, good luck bro... more info on that on our forum in the Privat Dsicussion section. We have some updates on our members section of our website and also we have training scheduled for this sunday. Please check our events page.

<> October 21, 2003 - Congratulations to Xtasy, our most recent new clan member. As of yesterday, he's officialy one of our members and quickly raising thru the stats charts at BWN. Glad to have ya here man, and congrats!

<> October 13, 2003 - Lets welcome Gibberx to the clan. Gibberx has successfully passed all tests and requirements for clan membership and is immediately stated as one of our members. Once again, welcome and congrats!

<> October 11, 2003 - Everyone has to make sure that they're registred with Bladeworks.net to get their stats properly recorded and for name protection.

<> September 28, 2003 - Lets not forget that we have training today. Visit our events page for more detail. Also, on our forum we're taking donatons towards icculus.org. Please check it out for more detail.

<> September 25, 2003 - Our events page is up. Please check it often for any scheduled clan activities. Also, we're resuming our weekly clan training. Of course you'll find more detailed on our events page.

<> September 22, 2003 - No updates for a while, but that's because alot of stuff has been happening. Most of the website is now fully operating and is near final completion. We also recieved 2 new central servers thanks to JediServers.com.

<> September 10, 2003 - Our old domain (www.linuxfusion.net) has been updated, and starting today we're officialy running this site as our primary website. The old website is gone forever.. Also, alot of pages like Linux Info, Guides, WineX Info, and some others have been updated.

<> September 01, 2003 - Some more improvements to the site have been done, the Join LJC page is working as well as the Mission page. More to come soon.

<> August 25, 2003 - The menu got fixed and some graphical improvement have been made. The site still requires alot of work but we're progressing.

<> August 03, 2003 - The navigation menu is up, and the main site graphics have been modified a bit Noticed the "rules" button is messed up... will be fixed, right brando?

<> August 03, 2003 - New Nvidia drivers for linux are out... check www.nvidia.com for more info.

<> July 30, 2003 - WooHooo... First offical news on our new website :). The whole site is still under construction, but from now on there will be regular updates of what's going on.

<> Website Change - Below are news from our older website:

<> January 24, 2003 - The Admin page got redesigned and new content has been added. All admins are highly adviced to visit and read the Admin Guidlines section.

<> January 21, 2003 - Congratulations to [LJC]LawPK, he has become a member of our Administrative team.
    Here are our current and future plans:
    - Start regular training events
    - Build a better Clan forum.
    - Improve WebSite and expand our WebSpace
    - Setup our own SSH or FTP file Server, or both :)
    - Expand and improve our Gaming Servers, possibly add FFA servers
    - Start an recruiting campaign

<> January 19, 2003 - New Training Schedule posted. See Clan Events for more info.

<> January 11, 2003 - The war results with the <> tribe have been posted here. Thanx to everyone who has participated.

<> January 06, 2003 - We would like to welcome [LJC[Slack to our clan. [LJC[Slack has successfully passed all requirements needed to become part of [LJC] and starting immediately he is a full member of this clan. Congratulations and once again, Welcome!!!!

<> January 03, 2003 - Server 2 and 3 are back up and they seem to be running nice and smooth. Also, I recently switched the local connection route thru our ISP so pings should be better on both servers.

<> January 01, 2003 - I'm taking Server 2 and 3 down for Maintenance today and possibly tomorrow as well. It's getting a new Western Digital 9.1Gig SCSI Ultra160 HD for smoother server operations. I'm also considering popping in another 512MBs of RAM in it as soon as the finances are available. Server 1 is not effected by this upgrade and gamplay should be uninterrupted.

<> December 31, 2002 - Updated the Wine/WineX installation pages, refreshed its content and fixed some spelling mistakes.

<> December 29, 2002 - Happy New Year!!!! Since I got no life, I managed to update the 'Downloas Page' over the past few days... actually, I re-did that whole section. I posted some new skins and maps on our servers and put them on a 8 map rotation. To download all the stuff running on our servers (you guessed it) go to the 'Downloads Page'

<> December 20, 2002 - Marry X-mas to everybody. We hope everyone has a great X-mas and a blazing New Year. All you deserve a nice break from JK2 and I hope you get it... party as much as you can while you can :) and must importantly "have fun"
I don't expect any updates till after the holiday, but if something worthy comes up I'll be glad to put it up.

<> December 15, 2002 - New clan training schedule is out, check it out. I think it will help us alot to get in shape where we should be. We got a lot of stuff coming at us very soon and we need to be ready. Also, we have challenged the AIM tribe for a Clan War, more details will be posted as soon as it is available.
I have done some minor fixes on the web site. Fixed some broken links, updated the 'Clan Rules' and the 'Clan Info' pages, and now working on the 'Downloads' page. Our clan forum is really ghetto style, I need to redo the whole thing ...so that's coming soon.

<> December 13, 2002 - New clan event scheduled, check it out here.

<> December 12, 2002 - Just so everyone is aware, we're going to hold clan training this weekend. I'm going to post the exact date & time later today or tomorrow.
The 'Member Downloads' section got some updates.
For all you Geforce card users, Nvidia.com released new Linux Drivers for their Nvidia chips-set based cards. The release highlights are: OpenGL 1.4 with CineFX architecture support, AGP 8x and nForce2 IGP support, GLX 1.3 support, and other minor fixes and updates.

<> December 08, 2002 - Good job on the last Clan War to all. -=JOCG=- has requested a rematch and we will be glad to fulfill that requst for them. Check here for the Details from the last fight.

<> December 06, 2002 - Finally a News update. Well, there has been a few things going on thru the past week which mostly ware Website content updates. The Downloads Page is till being worked on but the 'Members Info' page is now running on the Clan Members page.
Also interesting to know, for those who play 'Return to Castle Wolfenstein' the new linux patch v1.41 has been released. Get it here.

<> November 27, 2002 - Details from the last Clan war have been posted Here. I'm collecting screenshots right now and they will be posted on there as well.
The 'Skins' and 'Mods' sections of the Downloads page are complete and fully operational. Next are the 'Patches' and the 'Servers' sections, and lastly but surly is the 'Duel Maps' section to finish up our downloads page.

<> November 26, 2002 - I would like to thank {RFA} for a well fought clan war. Congrats to all [LJC] member that participated in this last event, it was a well won war ...but don't get to comfortable because we have another one this Saturday.

<> November 25, 2002 - Congratulations to [LJC]Brando, he has become a new Administrator for the [LJC] Servers. Also, please be sure to check the Clan Events page! Everyone is expected to do so on a regular basis. The Screenshots page got some new pictures.

<> November 22, 2002 - We have a potential clan challenge with the IRON clan this weekend. I'm still waiting for a confirmation from the IRON leader and will let everyone know as soon as more info is available ...so please be ready. Also, we recieved a challenge from the {RFA} Clan for next week, more info will be posted soon. The Downloads page is now "partly" working. The basic Structure is up but no content available for download. Few more days and it should be completed.

<> November 20, 2002 - The Clan Forum page is now working. Anyone can post whatever they want on there. I am working on a improved forum design and should be up in the near future.

<> November 20, 2002 - We have some new additions to the navigation bar on the left. The Clan Rules and the Clan Forum links have been added. Also, I updated the Clan Info and the Links Page. The Forum page is currently being constructed so it's not yet available. The downloads page is slowly progressing and should be up soon.

<> November 18, 2002 - Congratulations to [LJC]G.O.A.T for passing the first stage in becoming an LJC member. He has completed his first tryout session and is currently on a 14 probationary period. Good Luck and may the force be with you.

<> November 15, 2002 - reat news, WineX 2.2.1 has been released! What is so special about this release you ask? Well, the transgaming team claims that WineX 2.2.1 should improve performance on Quake3 engine based games by 200%-300% ...yes, that includes Jedi Knight2. So get, use it, and abuse it!!! :)

<> November 14, 2002 - We have recieved a new challenge from the IRON clan. The dates have been scheduled and we're ready to do some demage. Be ready, be there, and give your best! Screenshots page got updated with some new pictures.

<> November 07, 2002 - Good news, Server1 is back up and running. It has finally completed it's migration to an Dual Xeon system running RH8.0. We're putting some new maps on there as well as some skins. Any requests? ...please let up know.

<> November 04, 2002 - We're happy to announce that 'LawPK' has passed all clan requirements and is now a full [LJC] member. Congratulations to you and welcome to the Clan.

<> October 30, 2002 - Happy Halloween to everybody! We hope everyone has a scary and fun Halloween this year. As to clan news, unfortunately Server1 is still under maintenance. It's currently being migrated to a Duel Xeon 2.2 system. It's expected to be back in the game by the end of this week. All login information for the Members Page will be emailed today since the page is now mostly complete. We do require some input from all our members regarding this new addition so we can improve it as much as we can. We had no clan meeting last week... that's not good, but we will have one this weekend so get ready for some major action. Also, LawPK is going to recieve his decision if he will be accepted to the clan.

<> October 29, 2002 - The Members Section got updated and most of it should be working. The member download page and admin page got most of the changes. More content is on the way and that includes more downloads. Please let the WebMaster know if there is any special content you want on the members page or if anyone feels some of the content should be removed or changed.

<> October 23, 2002 - The Members Section is now working, it is not yet complete but it will be soon... :) Everyone will have their Login information emailed to them within the next few days. The page is only partly working at this time and should be fully complete by October 30th. The Offical Downloads section is scheduled to be complete by that date as well.

<> October 22, 2002 - Server 1 is currently undergoing some maintenance but is should be back and fully running with new maps (matrix_dojo/jedi_council_se/cathedral) and some other minor changes.

<> October 17, 2002 - The About LJC page is complete. Check it out to learn a brief history of [LJC], get Clan contact info, and also find out information about our servers. FYI, our servers 2 and 3 are currently relocating to a new system and are not available for use at this time. We apologize for this inconvenience.

<> October 11, 2002 - [LJC] is currently in search of Native Linux Jedi Knight binaries, this means that Jedi Knight 2 would run without the need of Wine or Winex. There are rumors that the binaries are out there and if you have them please let us know ;) ...[LJC] is also considering to form a team of programmers to help develop the necessary binaries. Since JK is based on the Quake3 engine this task might not be as hard as some believe. If you are a programmer and would like to help port JK to Linux please email LJC@linuxfusion.net As to other news, our Clan site went down for about 4 hours the other day. That problem has been resolved and hopefully won't happen again. :)

<> October 01, 2002 - LJC would like to welcome [LJC]Brando to the LJC team. Brando successfully passed his tryout session and is now on his way in becoming a full member. [LJC]n3rxs is on his second week of probation awaiting our final decision on Saturday. We have another tryout session scheduled for this Wednesday and then probably another one for this weekend. Congrats and Good Luck to ya'all. If you would like to become a member of [LJC] please feel free to contact us at LJC@linuxfusion.net for more info and also visit http://www.linuxfusion.net/join.php (updated)

<> September 28, 2002 - The LJC Member's Section is almost complete. We will host a lot of goodies on there that will only be available to LJC members. Unfortunately the Download Section is taking longer then expected.... now we have a dedicated and brave soldier working on the page and it should be complete in the very neat future.

<> September 22, 2002 - Screenshots page has some new pictures from last night's event. Check'em out, there is more to come soon.

<> September 21, 2002 - LJC wants to thank everone for all the email input. We love to hear your comments and opinions on what you think about our site and our Clan. LJC has finally recieved a new server. It is a dedicated server (mostly Duel) that's up and running 24/7 for anyone who wants a piece of some JK action.
Server Name: [LJC] Dedicated Server
Server IP:

<> September 18, 2002 - We are looking forward in meeting some of our potential future members this weekend for clan tryouts. The Linux community is speaking up and LJC is listening, we're proud to spread the power of Open Source. Recently LJC lost one of its members. It is a loss for LJC but not as big of a loss as for the member that departed. Farewell.

<> September 14, 2002 - We are currently gathering all our files and media for the Downloads page, it will be up and working shortly. In the mean time our Clan Leaders are trying to recruit new members. If you think you are wothy and would like to join, read our Mission Statment and email LJC@linuxfusion.net

<> September 07, 2002 - Yes that's right, as we promised here is the JK Installation Guide. Fortunately it is more then just a guide. The JK Info page will give you an inside on how JK got started and why is it such a great game. It is defiantly worth reading, enjoy.

<> September 06, 2002 - We finally posted the Wine/WineX guide that will walk you thru installing Wine on your Linux system. The site was designed with simplicity so it makes it is easier on any new Linux user to get Wine working correctly. Knock yourself out... How to correctly install JK on you system is coming soon... ;)

<> September 05, 2002 - The Linux Info page is now complete. If you ever wondered how to install Linux on your computer then you're in the right place. Check it out today and experiance the power or LINUX. Our Winex and JK guides are coming soon...

<> August 24, 2002 - Our Game Guides page is running now. We have developed a "Multiplayer Lightsaber and Force Guide" for those starting up in JK or just want to refresh on some moves. It is worth checking out, everybody can learn something from it.

<> August 19, 2002 - The Screenshots section is now working, but it only has 3 pictures there from last weeks battle. As more clan events pass, we will post more pictures. Everybody can see that the site slowly progresses to its completion and soon will be fully operational, so hang in there.

<> August 18, 2002 - Great news: www.linuxfusion.net <--- There !! It's ours !! The domain that will remain a permanent home for LJC. Now we have to polish up our website, and make it known around the world. That is right. We will do anything in our power to make this community one of the biggest and strongest out there. So better recognize :)

<> August 17, 2002 - We have acquired a blazing server that is dedicated to JK, and will be used by LJC to destroy any competition and make ourselves known. (Thanks Jed) The Server is running sweet, and Jed seems to be dominating it.. way to go...also, if you would like to play on our server, please email us for the server IP.

<> August 16, 2002 - We are currently working on Getting the Linux and Winex info pages running, as well as Screenshots and GameGuide pages. We had a lot of people request the walkthroughs for Jedi Knight in Linux. The pages will include how to migrate from a Windows system to Linux, setup it up, and get JK2 up and running on it. It is going to be a detailed description so it is taking a while to compose. Check back soon. We do have some unscheduled Clan activity this weekend. Exact time unknown, but rumors say that "Saberboy" is getting his revenge against 'JED' and 'the1' after last week's massacre. We'll keep you posted.

<> August 12, 2002 - We had our first official clan meeting the other day. We had some good fights and challenges. Out of our leaders, Jed displayed his abilities well, Saberboy definitely proved that the heavy saber is not to be underestimated, and the1 showed us how to do the tux dance with the medium style saber at hand. We will post screen shots very soon from out fights. Finally, the Join LJC section is done. Check it out, read it, and tell us what you think about our clan. If anybody is up to it, request for membership. Next sections that will be worked on are the Screenshots page and the GameGuides page, and much more will fallow. Check back soon. Our current contact is linuxjediclan@earthlink.net (updated to LJC@linuxfusion.net)

<> August 11, 2002 - The "LJC Mission","Ranks" and "Clan Events" pages are up and running. Next goal is to finish up our contact page (Join LJC) so those who want to join can contact our Clan Leader for information. For now, please visit the LJC- Mission page to read our mission statement. Understanding our mission statement is vital in becoming a LJC member. Our Clan Leader is working on Recruiting new members and taking some cool screenshots in the mean time. Those who have the chance to face 'LJC-Saberboy' on a duel server, beware, your winning streak is about to run out!

<> August 10, 2002 - The -LJC- site is now officially up and running. There is still some things that need improvement, but with time will be all resolved. We need some graphics on the main page and put content on some of the information pages. The "Members" section is still not running and the "Ranks" page needs to be properly formatted. Just give as time and everything will be up to speed soon. Also, check back often for information how to become a -LJC- member