Multiplayer games at its best:
- Good game guides are essential in becoming a good player very quickly. LJC has Developed a "Multiplayer Lightsaber and Force Guide" that should come in hand while trying to learn the ways of Multiplayer Gaming in Jedi Knight.

Singleplayer assistance:
- Before you start playing JK in multiplayer mode it is a very good idea to finish the solo campaigns first. In doing so, you will learn basic skills and understand the game and it will allow you to quickly fit in with the multiplayer crowd. Besides that, the singleplayer campaigns are really fun and are defiantly worth playing till the end.

- Single Player Guide by Stratos Group Inc. - (JK2 only)

- It is always fun to have some cheats while playing the singleplayer campaign, therefore we provided some cheats that will be great assistance if you get stuck somewhere or just want to play as GOD.

- Cheats - (JK2 only)